Baggu now has handbags!
I love my Baggu bags so much that I’ve been tempted to use them as actual handbags, especially with all the junk I schlep around in my purse. Well, now I can actually do it without having to compromise my love for a swanky bag.

The new Baggu leather bag
is the same shape as their popular reusable shopping bags, just
much fancier. Made from super soft leather, you get the laidback feel
of a less-structured bag but with loads of style. I’m partial to the Platinum myself, which I think adds some flair to what might seem like a more
casual bag.

If you’re worried about your items being all tossed together in the
depths of the bag, definitely take a peek at their coordinating leather zip pouches,
which will keep all your belongings together and organized. Which is
much more than I can say about all my fancy structured bags and their tons of pockets. -Kristen

Purchase the new Baggu leather bags at Baggu!

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