I’m not even sure when I got the Baggu tote pack, but over the years (yes, it’s been that long), it has been a huge travel lifesaver for me, time and time again. And even better, it’s currently on super sale.

This bag is an upgraded drawstring backpack, carrying just enough essentials for you or your kids, whether you’re on a plane, a hike, a camp, you name it, but in my opinion, much more comfortably (and stylishly). They’ve since added tote handles to the newer version of the bag, which means you can carry it on your back or as a tote, too. So awesome!

The handiest travel bag for parents: The Baggu tote back, now on sale

The handiest travel bag for parents: The Baggu tote pack folds into a pouch for easy packing

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But the best part is that it folds into the front pocket, so it looks like a pouch, making it ridiculously easy to pack in a suitcase, your own tote bag, or heck, keep in the car. I cannot tell you how many times that little tote pack has come in handy, which is why I’m going to be stocking up on a few more, especially at this price.

Head over to Baggu to check out their tote packs, plus don’t miss the great prices on some of their regular backpacks!