Tuckaroo BibAs much as I love how far bibs have come since my oldest was born 7 years ago, my biggest complaint has always been that they rarely stop food from getting on a kid’s collar–which also happens to be the hardest part of their clothes to wash. So I’m pleased to discover this brand new bib that solves that problem completely.

Meet the Tuckaroo,
the brain-child of mom of 2 Kerry Mazzacano, who like many of us, was
sick of trying to get food and gook out of her kids’ collars. So she
decided to do something about it and created a baby bib with a piece that
actually tucks in over your kids’ necklines without Velcro, to keeps them completely
clean. Genius!

For your wee ones, the newborn sized Tuckaroo actually doesn’t close in the
back, so you can easily slip it off if they fall asleep at your boob (or
with a bottle in their mouth). The infant and toddler bibs are bigger, made with hearty
snaps around the neck to keep them in place.

I do wish the fabric were a little softer and came in more colors, and I could definitely do without a huge Tuckraoo logo on the front of the bib, although that kangaroo is pretty cute. But given how well they work and how much laundry
they’ve already saved me, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. Plus I love that they
start at just $5.

Seriously, $5.  -Kristen

You can purchase the brand new baby bibs from the Tuckaroo website, or in Babies R’ Us stores coming soon!

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