tambino book railMy kids graduated to a big-kid bed in need of a bedrail, right around the same time that they discovered the joys of sneaking book under the covers to “read” past their bedtime. I love their thirst for books but don’t enjoy finding books twisted into bedsheets or flung on the floor in the morning.

If you too have a bedtime bookworm in a new big kid bed, take a look at this smart combo bookshelf and bedrail that keeps your sleeping child, and their books, safely in place.


Tambino’s Alpha Bookshelf Bedrail is a smart-looking way to keep both kids and their favorite storybooks safe at night. As a parent, I appreciate that Tambino’s bedrail looks very sturdy and is crafted in the USA from formaldehyde-free plywood from managed forests. It also looks fairly easy to attach to my daughter’s IKEA wooden bedframe. And with a five-year warranty, it could even be passed down to younger siblings before the warranty is up.
I also like the looks of the subtle, unpainted a-b-c design which is age-appropriate for a little kid’s room but won’t clash with any other decor or bedding that is already in place.
As a book lover, I especially like that my kids would have an easy-to-reach bookshelf right next to them. And maybe, just maybe, if they wake up at 3AM and see the covers of their beloved storybooks shining dimly in the glow of the night light, they’ll be comforted and less apt to wake me up. At least this is how I want the story to end. –Christina

The Bookshelf Bedrail can be ordered from the Tambino Etsy shop.