Pirates v ninjas checkerboard
Ready to put an end to the old question about how one man can defeat 10 ninjas? Well if he’s a pirate in the hands of a very good checker player, it’s not only possible, it’s likely.

The pirates vs ninjas checkerboard
from Brooklyn artist Anna Donado of Goosegrease, is amazing both in
concept and in execution. It’s all handmade and handpainted using
non-toxic materials. (She specializes in cake toppers, so one would
presume that she knows a little something about non-toxic paints.)

course 34 handmade characters, the checkerboard, and a
little muslin bag for storage doesn’t come cheap. But if you’re looking
for a super swell birthday gift for a special little kid–or a special
big one–here ’tis.

I’m wondering if she’ll do a vampires vs zombies next. Now that would be a match to watch. –Liz

[via pilar clark on pinterest, who knows a good pirate toy when she sees one.]

You can find the pirates vs ninjas checkerboard online at Etsy’s Goosegrease.

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