LEGO CalendarLast week, I realized I forgot to grab a calendar for the new year when I glanced over to check the date on my desk and saw nothing but a gaping hole where the 2011 calendar once stood. Though I know I could grab a majorly discounted ’12 version this late in the year, I instead fell for this fun colorful calendar that lets my kids put the days together brick-by-brick.

The LEGO Brick Calendar is part plaything, part useful desktop accessory. Yes, it is an actual working calendar complete with days of the week and the names of the month printed onto the bricks. There’s even room behind the calendar to store all the extra months and the “31” brick, so that you won’t have to do search everywhere on those months when it’s needed.
While having to rebuild the calendar is not something I want to add to my “to do” list every month, my kids are totally psyched to take on this responsibility for me. In fact, for those of us with forty gazillion other LEGO bricks around–and some dedicated builders–there are loads of ways that this calendar could be tailored to fit the month too. Maybe use only green bricks for March, or orange and black for Halloween? 
However my kids decide to build it up, I think this is one LEGO creation I’ll be happy to have hanging around all year. I’ll just have to double check their work to make sure there aren’t five weekends every month. -Christina

Grab your own LEGO Brick Calendar from the LEGO shop.