We have reached the maximum level of licensed- character and logo tees in our household. Granted, the number is not all that high–our kids are lots of things, but “miniature billboards” doesn’t exactly top the list–but still. We are at capacity.

So how excited was I to find a T-shirt that they could truly make their own?

We first discovered the Chalkboard Tee by Class Attire a few years back, and were instantly smitten. Now, the company has debuted even more chalkboard tee styles to choose from. The 100% cotton, made-in-the-U.S. tee comes in 18 adorable designs–I love the frame, the cupcake, and the apple, all of which are shipped with five colors of chalk to decorate with.

But what’s especially cool is that the fun isn’t just for kids–the shirts come in adult sizes, too. I can think of at least a few grown-up guys who would have a blast with the necktie.

I’ve found it’s super-easy to wipe the slate clean, and you don’t have to be careful tossing the shirt in the washer–the chalkboard stays put in a regular rinse cycle. Which is good, because this is a shirt that’ll be worn again and again.

Get creative with any of the 18 adorable chalkboard tees at thechalkboardtee.com

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