Wax resist Easter egg card from MintedIn our family we have a tradition we like to think of as Peaster–an Easter, Passover hybrid that acknowledges all the traditions of the diverse, wonderful people in our family. The one thing that holds the whole thing together? Eggs.

When we’re done hard-boiling them, painting them, hiding them, and finding them, one of them (usually blue for some reason) ends up on the Seder plate for eating.

So I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of Easter cards and invitations that are all about the eggs. If we could customize them to say PEASTER…all the better.

{See five cool egg-themed Easter cards after the jump!}

Above: Egg Hunt invitation card from Kelli Hall of Atlanta at Minted. There’s a pretty turquoise card too.

Painted egg card from Minted

Painted easter egg card by England’s 2birdstone, also at Minted–it looks like they rolled some cool batik-dyed eggs right onto the paper.

Easter egg hunt invitation card from Paper Culture

The Easter egg hunt cards from Angela Loi at Paper Culture feel so modern and pretty. I suspect you can even change that word Easter to Peaster if you ask nicely.

Easter egg card from Etsy's babies artroom
I love the simplicity of this Easter card from babies artroom on Etsy. Kind of fun if you’ve got twins in the house. (Also, save 15% off at the shop with code “CMPEGG”)

Mr. Cherry Moustache Easter Egg

For those not yet over the moustache trend, your friends and family will be surprised to find this moustached egg card inside such an unsuspecting red envelope. -Liz