Pigeon Toe Tumblers with colored bottoms
As my kids get older we are (gasp) transitioning away from the non-breakable plastic wear and gingerly setting down proper plates and drinkware at their table settings.

They still have their personalized placemats so it’s not like I’m turning them into little adults, and in fact we’re not quite out of the HOW COME SHE GOT THE BLUE PRINCESS CUP? I WANT THE BLUE PRINCESS CUP! stage.

So what a genius solution these tumblers are.

The espresso mugs from Pigeon Toe Ceramics
all look beautifully uniform on the outside–but turn over the bottom
and a colorful painted bottom reveals a hint of individuality. Great way
for everyone in the family to have “their own,” without your table
looking like a mishmosh of leftover holiday mugs and free glassware from fast food joints.

Sweet hostess gift too, if you grab a set of four. –Liz

Find the dot espresso cups and mugs online from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

[via oh joy]

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