Hunter bags
I love my Hunter rain boots. Unfortunately, I live in LA where it almost never rains, even as the rest of the country wades through those upcoming April showers. Okay, I lie; It drizzles, sometimes. And that’s when I climb into my fabulously green Hunters and I rock them all day long…even when the sun comes back out.

But you may not know Hunter makes more than boots.

[don’t miss some of their most gorgeous spring items after the jump]

In addition to those signature boots, the Hunter collection also includes cute sandals, bright clogs, trenchcoats, and a fantastic collection of colorful bags, including rubber totes that can brighten up those drizzly days. Here, just a few standouts from the collection:

With a fun, funky collection like this, I’d say it’s perfect for all seasons…including the two we get in LA. -Eva

Hunter boots and bags are available online at Hunter’s brand new website,

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