It’s officially spring, hooray! And while I’ve got a slew of spring and summer play clothes ready for my son, I always find that scoring a cool dressier option to be a challenge.

If you’re in the same boat as me, moms of boys, you’ll want to check out Muny.

You don’t need to have a pilot for a husband like I do to be smitten with the boys’ airplane shirt which is available in three color schemes in sizes 1-4. The handblocked print is cute without being cutesy, and the super light, comfy cotton has enough structure to make it perfect for a casual summer wedding–or just when we’re out and about and a regular old t-shirt/shorts combo needs an upgrade.

And moms of girls, there’s plenty for you at Muny too, like this adorable pocket dress. I’m all about equal opportunity cuteness for all. -Kristen

You can purchase the Airplane Shirt at Muny — now on sale!

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