Hunger Games at Bring Your Baby MatineesI remember the early baby days, when finding the time to see a big release movie like Hunger Games was even less likely than or showering regularly. Just getting out of the house seemed so exotic, and often too daunting. 

I wish we had the new Bring Your Baby Matinees back then.

Just launched by and AMC Theaters around the country, Bring Your Baby is a
screening specifically designed for movie-hungry parents and of course, their
babies. Park your stroller with the “valet” and grab a seat for a grown-up movie in an actual theater. If your baby makes normal baby noises,
you won’t get dirty looks. (Thank you, “No Shush” policy!) You can even
breastfeed without having someone ask you to take it to the ladies room.

The sound volume is lower than usual, so babies can sleep, and the
house lights will stay a little brighter so you can find that pacifier. But still? It’s a real movie. In an actual theater. Sounds like heaven, if heaven served popcorn. – Barbara

The program is currently running in the first Tuesday of every month in 68 AMC theatres. Go to or AMC Theatres to find a local participating theater. Coming up: Hunger Games on Tuesday April 3 at noon. Whoo!
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