DIY kids' fashion tee
The greatest thing about kid’s fashion is not only can kids get away with being whimsical but they can make statements that adults can’t necessarily make.  My daughter has a tutu skirt that she pairs with neon-green-polka-dotted leggings.  Enough said?

If your kid wants to DIY in the clothing department, here’s a really wonderful new option.

My Milk and Hunny designed a t-shirt for Petite Parade’s Vogue Kids Fashion Week in a collaboration with
the non-profit organization Free Arts NYC, which offers educational arts and mentoring program to underserved kids. Grab this cute tee, and your own kids can decorate it with fabric markers,
rhinestones, embroidery, bows–whatever makes them happy!  The shirt also includes a
pack of embellishments to make your own job easier, and save you a trip to Michael’s.

It’s not a cheap shirt, but all profits for this t-shirt go to Free Arts NYC. So, whether your child goes basic with a few scribbles or uses every single color of the rainbow, we have one more reason to cheer them on. – Kirsten

Purchase this t-shirt to support Free Arts NYC online at My Milk and Hunny.


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