Azul Hotels family vacation
I have a recurring fantasy these days: it involves the beach, gentle waves, a good book, a nap… and something amazing for the kids to do while all of the above takes place.

So I’m about two seconds away from booking this vacation.

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We’ve been fans of the gourmet inclusive Azul Hotels by Karisma in Cancun for a long time (check out Kristen’s experience there with her familyl). And now the hotels are even more family-focused with a very cool Mini Mayans program. 
While most kids clubs offer the standard pool/crafts/snacks, the new
interactive classes for kids here celebrate the Mayan culture (and, yes,
2012) and look like all kinds of fun. Activities include subjects like
cooking in which kids learn to make their own tortillas and chocolate milk,
Mayan style; or music, which yields a children’s performance of music made from their very own handmade authentic Mayan instruments.
Honestly, it sounds so great, I’d totally take part myself. If I weren’t so busy snoozing on the beach, that is. –Lexi
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