BabeeDazzler Diaper KitWe’re not surprised that prettier disposable diapers are the hot new trend, with the growing popularity of designer diapers like the Huggies jeans diapers and Cynthia Rowley Pampers we featured here on Cool Mom Picks. So we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw a photo of Jessica Simpson’s recent baby shower gifts, which included a set–you won’t believe it–of Swarovski encrusted diapers. Disposable ones. We know.

So while we wouldn’t recommend spending $150 on a diaper that your kid pees and poops in, an Etsy mom has created a kit so that you can make your own designer sposies, without the hefty price tag.

The BaBeedazzler Kit gives you everything you need to
take your boring old diapers and turn them into something worthy of a celebrity’s baby’s bottom. Though you won’t get the fancy Swarovski crystals, the self-adhesive rhinestones in this kit look almost exactly the same without the price. Just attach
them in any pattern you like to the bottom of your baby’s diapers with
the small metal press.

Jessica Simpson Baby ShowerAnd don’t worry. If you’re not a Picasso with rhinestones, she includes a few patterns to get you started including hearts, stars, a cute skull, even an outline of her home state of Texas (hear that Houston mamas?).

While the thought of putting crystals on something that will only last you a few hours does seems a little frivolous it’s just such a  cute craft project for a baby shower or a great idea for those professional baby photos in those early days. Besides, we have to admire an entrepreneurial mom who lets you crafty types take matters into your own hands. Even if yours aren’t home to a gihugic 4-carat ruby and diamond ring. -Kristen

You can purchase the BaBeedazzler Kit on Etsy. Or if you’ve got a celeb-sized budget, you can get the real ones here.

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