Bunnies seem to be the latest trend in plush toys. And not just because Easter is coming up. Every-time I’m at the store with my kids, my daughter begs for a new stuffed bunny. If only they were all as cute as this handmade one.

Let me introduce you to Gwendolyn Gingham, a cute young bunny made from vintage yellow and white gingham fabric.  Sleepy King,
an adorable Etsy shop has a variety of handmade plush animals as well
as other items, but it was Miss Gwendolyn who grabbed my attention as the perfect last
minute Easter gift for my daughter.  And guess what, it’s on sale!



Have fun choosing a bunny that’s perfect for your child to love. And happy Easter!!- Kirsten

Find these handmade bunny dolls, and much more at Sleepy King.

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