Chalk City
Around the same time our daffodils appear, the kids drag their big bucket of chalk out onto our driveway to create an elaborate chalk city. And while I love that we all get out into the fresh air, have you ever tried to help draw a road with a 4-inch piece of chalk on a l-o-n-g piece of asphalt? It’s a wonder I can walk upright again.

But, now I’ve found a super-handy tool that makes the creation of these roads for their city almost as much fun as playing on it. And certainly less back-hurty.

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The aptly-named Chalk City Road Maker does exactly what we need it to do: It holds two pieces of chalk—either using the pieces supplied or our store-bought sidewalk chalk—-firmly on two arms that can be dragged to make long straight-aways, swerve-y curves, or the all important rotary. (Hey, we live in New England.) It works soooo much better than some similar ones we’ve tried, actually holding the chalk in place while keeping me from bending over like Quasimodo. It also folds up to store in the kids’ play bin in the garage.
I realize that depending on how often you are asked to draw a chalk road, your reaction will probably range from “What? Almost twenty bucks for a chalk toy?” to “Thank goodness! Where can I get one!?”  
We fall in the latter camp, of course.
Along with the Road Maker, a neat addition is the set of sturdy plastic Road Sign stencils which have my kids playing Traffic Cop with all their friends. And I think the Obstacle Course Stencils would be a great addition to preschool recess, especially if it’s the kids who do the coloring of the stencils while you stand back and “supervise.” –Christina

Find Chalk City’s Road Maker at our affiliate Amazon, along with the Chalk City Stencil kits.

Congratulations to Carrie F, winner of a Chalk City Road Maker, Road Sign stencils and Obstacle Course Stencils!

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