Cupcake wraps by Belle and BooEverybody loves cupcakes, but decorating them can be majorly intimidating. You can always outsource, of course, but spending a fortune at a fancy bakery for a kid’s birthday isn’t very appetizing either. 

This is why I’m in L-O-V-E with these adorable Belle and Boo cupcake wraps; they add a touch of whimsy with very little effort. And they’re perfect for either a boy or a girl — what could be easier?
you don’t have to stress in order to serve homemade cupcakes you can be
proud of. Just slip these over your lovingly made but lopsided
creations and no one will ever know or care about the lumpy bits.

of them as Spanx for your baked goods. In other words, don’t worry, we won’t tell. — Roxanna 

Belle and Boo cupcake wrappers and cake frills are available at My Sweet Muffin.