Lollipop Theater Network
a music therapist working with kids in the hospital, I saw that one of the biggest
challenges parents faced (among the many) was providing their kids with as
much of a typical every day experience as they could. From keeping up
with school work to listening to music with friends, it’s so important for parents, therapists and staff to work together to help bring normalcy to kids’ lives, not just for
their own development but for their morale as well. 

when we got wind of what the Lollipop Theater Network does for kids, we
just had to share it with you in the hopes that we can all help
continue their amazing work.

In a nutshell, the Lollipop Theater Network works
together with movie studios to bring movie screenings of current
movies to the kids in the hospital. But they also organize celebrity
visits, as well as artist days with Nickelodeon and DreamWorks, all of
which can really do so much to help brighten days for kids and their families during a challenging hospital stay. 

You can help support their $200,000 goal
by donating yourself, or sharing their mission with your own friends
and family, as well as your social networks. If you’ve ever been a
patient yourself or have had a little (or big) family member in the
hospital, you know how much even the smallest luxuries that we take for
granted can make a huge difference. -Kristen

You can donate to the Lollipop Theater Network on their CrowdRise page.

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