Wall Tangrams fabric wall decalsI’ve seen enough tangram activities in my kids’ math books to know that they are supposed to be great at fostering an early understanding of geometry, spatial reasoning, and design. But eh, my kids just think they are fun and make neat pictures. So when we had the chance to play with some tangrams with a twist, I knew they’d be so much more willing to try them out.

(Wish they were so eager to do their math lessons.)

{Keep reading for your chance to win a set for you–and sets for the school of your choice!}

Walls 360 Wall Tangrams combine some of my kids’ favorite things: Picture-making and sticking stuff onto my walls. Designed by Yiying Lu—probably best known as the illustrator behind the Twitter “fail whale”– these Wall Tangrams are sticky on the back of the shape itself. And we’ve stuck–and restuck and restuck—these tangrams into rocket ships, birds, skyscrapers and fancy flowers enough times to see that they leave the paint on our walls where it belongs.

I was expecting “Colorform”-feeling vinyl wall clings but these are definitely thinner than that. They’re actually made of an eco-friendly fabric material that’s not likely to tear. You just might have to push out some air bubbles to make them nice and flat. 

I would just say unless your floors are a lot cleaner than mine, avoid dropping the tangram pieces sticky-side down. Especially if you have a black lab. Christina

Yiying Lu’s Wall Tangrams are currently on sale for half-price at Walls 360. And if you purchase a set before May 30, 2012, Walls 360 will donate a set to a primary school classroom in the Clark County, Nevada public school system through their Tangrams for Teachers program.

Congratulations to Cindi S!  She won a set of Yiying Lu’s Wall Tangrams for herself, and five sets for a lucky teacher of her choice.