Obviously, we’ve got Father’s Day on the brain lately. Which means we’re also thinking about fathers of all kinds. Like single dads. And those dads with a second loving dad at home. Evidently, Marc Jacobs is in the same place. So we’re standing up and applauding this beautiful t-shirt he’s created for those very kids.

This limited edition organic cotton tee reads If Dad Says No…Ask Dad, and was designed by Jacobs to support the Human Rights Campaign. In fact, a full 100% of the profits go towards the HRC effort towards LGBT equality. (Go, Marc!)

Marc Jacobs limited edition two mommies tee

It’s a limited edition, with only 200 available, in sizes 12 months to 4T. And for you families with two mommies? There’s a tee for your kiddos too.
I’m hoping that they sell out, and that next year there are twice as many available. Because let’s not forget, there’s a second group who benefits from these tees: kids who deserve to grow up feeling blessed to have loving parents and caregivers, whoever they might be.

Besides, it’s kind of nice to know that kids can be equal opportunity manipulators.

Find the limited edition If Dad Says No…Ask Dad tee by Marc Jacobs to support the Human Rights Campaign, online at the HRC shop for just $35.