UV swim shirts for girlsHooray, it’s unofficially summer this week! That mean fun days at the beach, and for parents, the grand hunt for UV swimwear and the perfect sunblock to keep our kids safe.

My daughter is not the yellow polka dot bikini kind
of gal anyway; she’ll be digging in the sand until high tide, which is why we’re glad to find a brand that provides some needed coverage.

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I am very excited to have found another adorable collection of sun-safe UV swimwear for toddlers and girls, from smart company Girls4Sport.  

suits are made for activity, not posing. Blocking 98% of UV rays and with a SPF of
50+, the USA-made designs will get you through the summer hopefully without the need for aloe gel. Plus you can pair those super cute board shorts with either long or short-sleeved rash guard tops.

I have to say, the
fabrics are way more adorable in person than on the website. I’m definitely impressed. Also don’t miss some amazing deals in the clearance section. So get the
beach bag full of snacks ready and sunscreen ready and waiting by the front door, mamas. It’s that time. –Stephanie M

Find sun-safe swimsuits for girls at Girls4Sport. And just for CMP readers, and enter COOL 15 for 15% off your order through the end of June.