Funny Father's Day cards: Darth VaderFinding a funny Father’s Day card that has nothing to do with golf, grilling, tools, beer, or leaving the toilet seat up is not an easy task, as I’ve discovered. And yet–voila. I’ve tracked down 7 funny Father’s Day cards that I would actually send. (No offense, Hoops and Yoyo.)

I love this Star Wars Father’s Day Card that reminds him some dads are better than others. In other words, Dear dad: Thanks for not trying leading the evil Imperial forces against the galaxy ($4 at Wit and Whistle)

Custom Father's Day card: The Padre

What’s bigger than a Vente? A Padre evidently. This custom Father’s Day card is so great for java fans, and not likely to end up tossed after June. But you’ll definitely want to customize the inside to make yours funnier than the sample copy here. (1/$2.99 by Magnolia press for Tiny Prints)

Funny Father's Day card: Way to have strong swimmers

Not that we want to spend too much time thinking about how we got on this planet, but this strong swimmers Father’s Day card cracks me up.  ($4 at Wit and Whistle)

Funny Father's Day cards: Even if you never loved me enough to give me a pony (*SOB*)

The graphics on the front and the I Love You Dad message on the front are deceptive…inside this funny Father’s Day Card it reads, even if you never loved me enough to give me a pony. It’s funny because it’s true. ($4.50 from NeatThings)

Funny Father's Day card: No one got off his lawn
This entire collection of illustrated cards is darkly funny, but I especially can’t stop laughing at this get off my lawn Father’s Day card, A close second: the: He Danced card. Guys who hate inspirational quotes will love it. ($4.95 at Melancholy Greetings)

Funny Father's Day card: I want to be just like you

I want to be just like you. Sometimes. Truth.  (1 for $2.99, by Hello Little One for Tiny Prints)

Funny Father's Day card: Mr. T-Rex

When the A Team collides with Land of the Lost you get this hilariously weird Mr T Rex Card. You write your own message inside. Maybe, I pity the Jurassic fool who doesn’t wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  ($4 from Kay Did Art)