Hello Kitty Vans shoesI have a thing for Hello Kitty (as you may well know) and I also have a thing for Vans.

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The collection of Hello Kitty Vans Sneakers for kids is adorable, as you’d expect, but I think what I like more is that they’re available in women’s sizes
too–provided you’re amply ironic enough to pull them off. (Hint: not
with mom jeans.) I’m not sure that I fit that description, so I’ll just
be happy watching my girls skip down the street wearing these classic
low-top lace-ups.

Hello Kitty Vans - black

hello kitty vans - pink

Hello Kitty Vans - checkerboard

Hello Kitty Vans - bowtie

It makes me very happy indeed to think of two of my favorite things from
the 80s coming together so nicely. If only you could press the heel and
The Smiths would play, I’d be in heaven. –Liz

Find Hello Kitty Vans for babies, kids and adults online at the Vans website