Ubbi diaper pail
The best diaper pail is the kind of topic that inspires some raging debates on mom message boards. They’re essential. They’re a waste of money. They’re too expensive. I couldn’t live without it. So what’s a first-time mama to do?

My advice: Get the diaper pail. And this is from a woman in an apartment in which space is a premium.

My other advice: Get the Ubbi diaper pail.

The Ubbi Diaper pail
is easy on the eyes–nice considering you will be engaging with it
upwards of a dozen times daily (I’m sorry to report, new moms). The
tough metal exterior not only resists odors unlike plastic, but it comes
in a dozen colors to match every decor. Still, it’s not just purdy, it’s smart. The rubber seal keeps any odors in–should your baby be the rare child with
poop that actually smells bad. I also really like the way you need to
push down the lid to slide it open or
closed. It’s not hard for you at all, but like a child-proof medicine
cap, you’ll be grateful to have it when that baby becomes a toddler.

And hooray! For it accommodates any garbage bags at all, and not special ones
available at that one store that’s always closed when you remember
you’re out. You can of course buy the Ubbi biodegradable bags, but you
don’t have to.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

If you’re inclined, grab some of their decals to customize the pail, should you want an uber-Ubbi.
But I like the Ubbi just as it is. Clean. In more ways than one. –Liz

Find the The Ubbi Diaper pail online at their website, along with the garbage bags and special eco-friendly liner for cloth diapers too.

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