Pierrepont Hicks - Red Stamp Father's Day Card. It's a tie and a card AT THE SAME TIME.When I think of Father’s Day, two things immediately come to mind: ties and cards. Both of which can be awesome, and not trite–provided you know what to look for.

Two years ago we discovered the gorgeous indie label ties from Pierrepont Hicks, which we loved so much, we included them in our 2010 Father’s Day Gift Guide. (Italian linen–hello!)

So we’re thrilled to hear that they’ve partnered with our favorite mobile ecard purveyors at Red Stamp to create some really beautiful ecards based on their textile patterns, that you can customize and send right from their free app.

In our family, we have a birthday tradition where we buy
multiple cards for the (adult) birthday boy or girl and hand them out
throughout dinner. I love the idea of sending Father’s Day ecards
throughout the day with different messages to really make a Dad’s day a
little more special.

Or hey, just one. It’s the thought that
counts. Maybe even sharing the Pierrepont Hicks link so he can get a
sneak peek at his Father’s Day gift? Just a thought. –Liz

Congrats to winner Paul M. Enjoy your $200 Pierrepont Hicks gift set and Happy Father’s Day!

Pierrepont Hicks Cummerbund/Tie Set