The very first word my son ever spelled was S-T-O-P, which is not surprising given how many hours he spent accompanying his older sisters to their many activities. If you also have a little road warrior who’s more interested in street signs than a DVD player, you’ll want to take this unique new alphabet book out for a spin.<

Backseat A-B-See is a simple ABC book for beginner readers or kids who just like looking at the bold graphics, and then exclaiming when they see the same signs whizzing by the windows.

Street sign graphics really pop as they are set against a black “road,” and though there is very little text, the words definitely go beyond cat/rug. Instead, your kids will be looking at Heliport and Van Accessible signs, so you may need to translate.

The saddle-stitched pages lie flat and sturdy on a lap, which is nice since I hate to hear that thud of a book fall in the backseat when I’m driving. And the hardcover insures that the book may survive a summer of road trips if your child prefers to keep it in the back seat.

If Backseat A-B-See can get more kids interested in seeing how many streets signs they can find, instead of staring at yet another in-car DVD episode of Dora, I’m all for it. –Christina

Backseat A-B-See by Maria van Lieshout is available at our affiliate Amazon.

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