Get your stroller cleaned and repaired at Stroller SpaRaise your hand if your stroller needs a good fixin or deep cleaning? Great! Now that I have your attention–every single one of you–I’m thrilled to tell you about a new baby gear detailing service that will reduce the stress of maintaining kiddo’s wheels.

At the height of my insanity, I had three strollers. Yup, three.
I’ve dealt with nearly every kind of stroller issue imaginable, from
flat tires to torn handle bar foam, a bent chassis to missing rivets.
All. On. My. Own. (Can you tell I’m a little bitter?) Thanks to Stroller Spa, you don’t have to endure the same.
drop off your stroller–car seats or high chairs are accepted too–at a
local Stroller Spa. Even better, have them pick it up for you, and it
will come back as good as new. They’ll fix nearly anything. Seriously:
Just look at this repair list
Your gear working fine, just dirty? Pick one of their detail packages and
say goodbye to the crumbs (oh the crumbs) and caked-on squeezy snack.
It’s far less expensive than changing the fabrics or obviously, changing
the entire stroller. But it’s not only great for money-savings, it
reduces waste and increases reuse. And who isn’t for keeping perfectly fixable strollers out of landfills?

They’ll even donate it to Baby Buggy for you if it’s beyond repair or if you’re done with it.

The Stroller Spa started in San Francisco, but
has made its way to Silicon Valley, Orange County, California, and now,
New York City. Locations in Austin and Toronto are opening soon. Each
shop services a wide area, so give them a call even if you think you
might be just out of range.
Can you tell I’m giddy about this service?
Like as giddy as I am about a visit to the real spa? It might sound lame
to folks outside of our parent tribe, but I know that you–all of
you–understand that having three year-old gear that’s clean and
fully-functioning gear is pretty darn blissful. -Stacie

If you’re lucky enough to live near one, get your stroller cleaned and repaired at Stroller Spa.