Zo-li Big BOT sippy cup
The sippy cup. Ah, how I wish we were past this stage of life. For now I accept my fate that is the avalanche of cups and lids falling on my head every time I open the cabinet. My disdain however only makes me more appreciative of those times I find a sippy cup that is easy to manage and stands up to the elements- and by elements I mean aggressive toddler.

We love pretty much everything that inventive company Zo-li does, which is why they’re a mainstay in our Baby Shower Gift Guide, and this new entry is no exception. In fact, I am happy to be kicking of a summer of road trips with the Zo-li Big BOT sippy cup in tow.

I normally don’t favor straw cups, due to the fact
that I always lose the straws and the functionality always
seems flawed. (I mean really, can any one reach the last bit of liquid at
the bottom of the cup with a fixed in place plastic straw?  Didn’t
think so.)  But the smart Bot cup has a pretty
cool feature to avoid this little pet peeve of mine- a weighted flexible
silicone straw base that allows the drinker to slurp down every single
last drop.

Technology plus sippy
cups, say what? Trust me, even my handyman husband said it’s “pretty

Add in the handles and dome top and you’ve got yourself a
useful tool for the trade for the hot excursions ahead. Stay thirsty, my
friends. –Stephanie M

The Big BOT sippy cup  is available in a variety of bright colors in 6 or 9 ounce cups. Check out the full spread at zolibaby.com.

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