Science Fair kids' music albumMy oldest daughter is about to enter sixth grade and if statistics are correct, her current love of science will likely wane as society subtly spreads the message that science and engineering studies are “not for girls.” But, I’m going to do everything I can to help change that perception with loads of science kits and talk about everyone from Marie Curie to Sally Ride. 
And we’ll be playing a lot of a new CD whose mission is to empower girls to explore science and engineering fields their entire lives. 

Bill Childs of Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child and a dad of a tween like me has pulled together a collection of fun science-related tunes on Science Fair, inspired, in large part, by his own engineer mom (a powerful must-read story). 

This CD is an awesome compilation of 18 exclusive tracks all sung by women, covering topics as varied as metamorphosis, outer space, and prehistoric bones. And while the lyrics are smart and not kidding around, the music will hold the interest of even the biggest science-phobe.

As you might expect from someone who has played both cool indie music and cool kids’ music for years on his radio programs, Bill Childs has a great ear for pulling together an eclectic yet cohesive sounding collection of tunes, including such kindie powerhouses as Frances England, Lunch Money, Elizabeth Mitchell, Renee & Jeremy and the hilariously inventive Ashley Albert of The Jimmies. And Secret Agent 23 Skidoo fans will cheer to hear his daughter Saki, aka MC Fireworks, rap, girls can do anything, girls are such shining stars
Like Bill Childs’ successful charitable effort, Many Hands: Family Music for HaitiScience Fair isn’t only a group of songs but a powerful fundraiser. In this case, all net proceeds will be donated to Girls Inc’s science education programs. 

And, in case you were wondering, your boys will love it too. And if it piques their interest in science too? Great! There’s room for everyone. Christina

Grab a copy of the science-themed, girl-powered Science Fair at our affiliate Amazon starting today! Also, don’t miss the cool video of Mates of State’s I Am A Scientist.