Kubix Tetris Blocks
For those of you like me who spent far too many hours playing Tetris on your Gameboy (RIP), you’ll know instantly why I thought these blocks for kids were a fantastic idea.

The Tetris Blocks by Kubix
come with 50 colorful, geometric blocks that kids can lie flat and
interlock, or just use them as they would regular blocks and let their
imaginations go.

They could even create games out of them, as you see how high you can
stack them, or how many you can fit together of a single color or shape.

Tetris blocks by Kubix

Tetris blocks would make a fantastic birthday gift for a toddler, but I think even my
seven year-old would get lost in them for hours, and the carrying strap
on the box makes the block set portable too. One other benefit: your kids are less
likely to see those little blocks dropping in their heads all night
long than they would be with the video game. Ahem. –Liz

Find the Tetris Blocks by Janod online from Brooklyn’s awesome indie children’s boutique Pomme NYC

Edited: If they’re sold out, Janod is a French company with limited US distribution. You can buy them through Euro sites Eureka Kids, La Ronde Enfantine, or Bilboquet


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