You know how sometimes, when you’re walking down the sidewalk, you can smell someone’s laundry in the dryer? I’ll admit it–I love that smell. And I’ve missed having it at my own home, since I gave up the high-chemical detergents and started making my own.

Good news: one of our favorite brands, Mrs. Meyer’s, has melded the natural with the deliciously-scented, and it smells like bluebells.

I’ve been to the Mrs. Meyer’s headquarters, so I’ve seen firsthand how hard they strive to make their products biodegradable and as natural as possible, without phosphates or other harmful chemicals. Having participated in a blind test in their lab, I also know that their laundry products make towels feel fluffier than other brands. So I was really excited to try their new Mrs. Meyer’s concentrated Laundry Detergent.

I was not disappointed.

I tried Bluebell and Lemon Verbena scents, and I love them both. Bluebell is a new scent for the brand, and with its cool combination of flowers and aquatic notes via essential oils, it won over the whole family. My husband even commented that his clothes smelled nicer than usual, especially his extra-manky jiu-jitsu gi, which my homemade detergents can’t quite penetrate.

Each bottle of detergent lasts for a whopping 68 loads for regular or HE washers, and I consider that a pretty good deal for $15.99. It’s great for pre-treating too. The only negative I see, besides the fact that I vastly prefer it to my ultra-cheap homemade detergent, is that the bottle is a little hard to handle, especially with wet hands, and would benefit from a handle.

If you like your laundry and clothes to be unscented, I’ll tell you right now that this is not the detergent for you. But if you love to smell your laundry while it’s washing (and when hugging your family) yet demand that those scents be natural, you’re going to look forward to washing clothes as much as I currently do. That in itself is a miracle. –Delilah

Find Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent on their website, at a store near you, or at our affiliate, Amazon. The Bluebell line includes a variety of soaps and cleaning products.