When traveling, I find myself falling in love with places I go. I usually try and find something to take home with me that will always remind me of it, which is probably why I love when artists create that same feeling with their artwork.

Susan Taylor of Taylors Type has created these eye-catching typographical city prints.  Each print is colorful and complete with iconic image that will look familiar to fans of Berlin, Chicago, Rome and more.  There are 11 cities to choose from in this collection, all beautifully captured. All you need to do is frame them.

Berlin art print from Taylors Type

Chicago art print by Taylors Type
Rome art print by Taylors Type

These retro style typographical prints would look fantastic paired with other art or individually placed on a wall.  And with the price being so reasonable for original prints, you could very well create a collection of a whole dream vacation worth of cities that you love.-  Kirsten

Find all of these city prints and more at Taylors Type.

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