Lunch Money's new kids' music album, Spicy KidMolly Ledford and her band of merry Lunch Money mates are just such supreme goodness. We are big fans of theirs here at Cool Mom Picks, but this new CD, Spicy Kid, just might take the cake. Er, peanut butter sandwich. 

This CD is a combination of sweet fun and silliness for
the kid folk, but Molly sneaks in a most unbelievable tribute to
parenting with “Basket of Flowers.
I listened to that song on repeat and saw my children as little babies
flash before me in a sort of slideshow of the mind. Yes, it was that
Another standout track: my kids and I are big fans of the “Gingerbread Man
song which is downright infectious. In fact, I find my five year old singing “you can’t catch me, I’m the
Gingerbread Man” but not in an
annoying, get that dang song out of my head kinda way. Like the rest of the album, it’s just
Need new summer road trip music with the kids? Buy this CD now. You don’t even have to thank me. -Eva
Spicy Kid is available at Lunch Money Music. Email Molly and she will even sign your copy! Plus, she will throw in some fun stickers and postcards if you ask really, really nicely.