Shoes that grow with your babyDon’t even get me started on the hassle of shoe shopping for kids. The second my son started walking last month, I knew we were in for a new pair of shoes every couple of months, just like I had done for his older brother. But then I discovered a new shoe brand that expands along with your tot’s ever-growing tootsies and I’m smitten.

The idea behind Shupeas,
a new collection of expandable baby shoes that fit sizes 3 to 24
months, is pretty genius. Thanks to some strategic straps and Velcro,
you are able to custom fit the shoes onto baby’s feet and around the
ankles, which is a tough area to get precisely right when it comes to
fit. Most baby’s ankles are either so chubby that shoes seem to be
cutting off their circulation, or they’re skinny so the shoes fall right
off. But not with Shupeas, which feature a brilliant adjustable
system that is like four sizes in one shoe.

The shoes themselves
are made in uber soft leather as well as a vegan version. The cutesie soccer balls, dogs, hearts and cupcakes aren’t cutting edge fashion by
any means, but I imagine that won’t matter to a lot of parents.

shupeas expandable baby shoes

The only thing I’m not so crazy about
with these shoes is that the soles feel very thin to me. Now that my 14
month old is full on walking on the urban sidewalks, they might not be the right outdoor shoes for him. But for pre-walkers or wearing around the house? Shupeas are awesome options. -Melissa

Shupeas are now sold at Creative Kid and will be available at Babies R Us and on Amazon later this summer. [edited to add: original pricing listed here is wrong; price will vary by retailer]