Tap water’s making a comeback, and here’s a great way to share the love. And the water.

faucet face bottles

On the surface, Faucet Face is a company that sells glass water bottles. But behind the scenes, they’re trying to start a movement towards tap water and away from pricey and eco-unfriendly bottled water. As part of their initiative, every bottle you buy helps build water filters in rural India, providing a minimum of 100 liters per bottle. In fact four bottles means one complete water filter will be donated.

Pretty great.

Fear not the glass bottles! We’ve covered them before (bkr bottles and Takeya, for example) because glass doesn’t leak chemicals into the environment, is reusable and recyclable, is dishwasher safe, doesn’t harm animals, and generally makes filtered water taste the same as expensive bottled waters. You’re not going to pop one in the kids’ lunch box, but any of these cute designs would be great to keep on your desk or by your nursing pillow, and each one comes with a BPA-free screw on top. 
Even better, Faucet Face bottles are on sale at Fab.com through Wednesday, should you be inclined to buy one now. Or better, four. ~Delilah
Find out more or purchase bottles at Faucet Face or hit the sale on Fab.com. If you need an invite link to Fab.com, here’s ours. Happy tapping!

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