Poor Bun-Bun. I received the stuffed pink rabbit at my first baby shower for my first baby, and he’s been around and loved ever since. Two houses, two kids, and one horrifying overnight stay in the litterbox had turned Bun-Bun from a cheerful pink to a dingy grayish-brown.

“I’m sorry about this, Bun-Bun,” I said, zipping him into the bag. And then I tossed him into the darkness.
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The darkness of the clothes washer! C’mon, we’re moms. We don’t throw away beloved stuffed animals just because they get a little yucky. But they can indeed get yucky, and that’s where Teddy Needs a Bath comes in.

These 100% cotton washer and dryer bags are a great way to get your kids’ and pets’ stuffed toys clean and tidy again and again without having to worry about missing eyeballs, snagging, and yanked strings. They work just like lingerie bags for your bras– and I fully plan on testing out how they work for that, too. Simply zip stuffed toys or favorite blankies in the bag, machine wash on delicate, tumble dry on low, and enjoy a cleaner, prettier, less germy, less allergenic toy. And it also kills dust mites, which might be a lifesaver if you’ve got a kid who struggles with allergies.
But guess what? I’m forgetful, and I washed Bun-Bun on medium and dried him on high. And he came out of it just fine. So I’m not saying to ignore the directions– I’m just saying that if you do, it’ll probably be okay.

Can you use a regular lingerie bag? Probably. But this one will probably make reticent toddlers a bit more comfortable with you borrowing Teddy for a couple of hours. ~Delilah

Congratulations to Kristin!!  She won our Teddy Needs a Bath contest.   

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