Brooklyn tin tile wallpaper
There’s a saying in real estate: location, location, location. But after that’s out of the way, in New York we tend to put a premium on character. You know, exposed brick, tin ceilings, original wood floors. (Don’t ever expect to find wall-to-wall carpeting here. If you do; wonder what it’s hiding underneath.)

But now,  if you didn’t find the character you’re craving, now you can fake it with this unbelievable wallpaper series.

The trompe l’oeil Brooklyn wallpaper series by Merci, at one of my long-time favorite shops, Rockett St George,
is mindblowingly cool. The papers look like the turn-of-the-century
distressed tin tiles you see on the ceilings and walls of the coolest
downtown restaurants or Williamsburg bars converted from factories. It would look fabulous on a single wall or even on a bathroom ceiling.

Aren’t these just gorgeous?

tin ceiling wallpaper
tin ceiling wallpaper

tin ceiling wallpaper
tin ceiling wallpaper

It’s priced like heavy, professional designer wallpaper, which it is, but on the other hand,
it’s not priced like 300 square-foot Nolita apartments. –Liz

Find 7 styles of Brooklyn tin tile wallpaper by Merci, online at Rockett St George. It ships from the UK.


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