Handmade girls' crocheted flower necklace by Rebekah DeslogeIt happens again and again: one dress-up lap around the living room and the creepy faux-metallic paint on your daughter’s “jewelry” is already flaking off and the molded plastic clasp has begun to warp. It’s not always easy to find dress-up accessories that don’t look (and act) like you bought them from a gumball machine.

And then someone showed me the fantastic, hand-crafted, textile dress up delights offered by artisan momma Rebekah Desloge.   

The Crocheted Flower Necklace is
a sweet addition to the dress-up madness in your home, and would make
such a great gift, as well. The leaves and petals can be switched
around, fun for busy fingers. Rebekah also makes crocheted superhero
masks, a nifty pirate eyepatch, nesting bowls and more. (The necklace and
some of the other fun, hand-crafted, washable fiber items are made to
order, so allow one week in addition to shipping time.) -Barbara
You’ll find the Crocheted Flower Necklace for $12, and more at Your Mom Designs.