Tiny Tooth Fairy letters by Leafcutter DesignsNeed a little something more special from the tooth fairy than say a dollar under the pillow? We’ve got just the teeny-tiny thing.

We fell in love with Leafcutter Designs teeny-tiny letters from the Easter Bunny
a few years back, which would rock any child’s Easter basket even more than a 12-inch
chocolate rabbit. Checking back with them, we’ve discovered that the duo now offers eleven different card designs with everything from a petite heart, ladybug, or kite imprinted on the front.

Just type out your text and they’ll shrink it down to fit and fold it all up into a seriously small envelope. 

My tooth-losing daughter would go bananas if ever she received a tiny note from the tooth fairy, especially since the outside envelope can be customized to read Jillian’s bed, Second floor of house. I also think she’d be much more forgiving in the future if the tooth fairy accidentally forgets to appear one night as that uh, she’s sometimes wont to do.

Tiny packages from Leafcutter Designs              

           Tiny packages from Leafcutter Designs
         Tiny packages from Leafcutter Designs

Also at the shop: Fantastic brown paper packages tied up with string that hold a small object, like a sugar cube, along with pun-ny text like Have a sweet birthday or a button with a note reading You’re cute as a…These wee gifts would also make special new-mama gifts too, especially the teeny alphabet blocks.

Tiny DIY stationery kit at Leafcutter Designs
If you are more of a DIY type with great eyesight and a steady hand, check out the Tiny Mail Stationery Kit which includes forty writing sheets and envelops, a few little boxes and brown wrapping paper, and a bunch of stickers to make your mail look authentic. Don’t worry, they also include a little magnifying glass for those of us whose eyes need a bit of help. –Christina
Check out all the little goodies at Leafcutter Designs’ website.