My 8-year old is just starting to accessorize her outfits, which is probably no surprise considering I have a little addiction to accessories myself. If you’ve got a tween that’s ready for something better than play jewelry but not Tiffany, we’ve found the perfect, handmade option.

Bloesem kids' handmade necklaces

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the adorable children’s jewelry from Bloesem but since then, they’ve added a slew of limited edition kids’ necklaces that I’m actually coveting myself, each handmade with threads and beads to make a lovely gift for your tween girl. 
Bloesem kids handmade kids jewelry
Bloesem kids handmade kids' jewelry
Bloesem Kids DIY necklace kit
Plus if you (or your tween) are crafty, you can go with a more affordable option and make your own with their DIY jewelry kits, which include everything you’ll need to create your own pretty masterpiece. Either way, what a lovely change to the bright, blingy, Taiwan-made pieces our older girls are often relegated to wearing. -Kristen

You can purchase the handmade girls’ necklaces at Bloesem.