Pop Up London
One of my very favorite things about the just-finished London Olympics was seeing all the gorgeous footage of the city itself. It’s made me even more determined to get my kids over to see Big Ben, London Bridge and their picturesque city-mates in person. 

So while the Olympics have left town, I’ve rounded up a few children’s books about the city of London that will keep the sights alive in our minds. –Christina 

Pop Up London book

Sure to elicit plenty of oooo’s and ahhhhh’s, Jennie Maizels’ stunning Pop-Up London combines plenty of amazingly detailed 3D designs with information about the city’s landmarks. My kids will go bananas over the London Bridge pop-up that actually opens to let a sailboat pass through on the Thames. And little fact-gatherers will devour the information printed on the backs of the popups in tiny type.

This is London book
Originally published in 1959, Miroslav Sasek’s This is London has such a clean, modern look and smart info-packed text, it seems like it was written this year. It’s neat to share the fact corrections at the back of the book with the kids since it shows them how much things can change in such a relatively short time. Though my kids will still be amazed how much of London remains the same since, to them, 1959 is ancient history.
A Walk in London
With text that is more story than travel guide, Salvatore Rubbino’s A Walk in London is ideal for younger kids who want to travel with “mum” to see the sights of the city. Text is short and sweet though there is lots of info shared within the lovely illustrations too, so you can get as detailed as your kids want. 
The Bumper Book of London
And for kids who devour odd and fun facts, The Bumper Book of London does a great job of packing loads (and loads) of tidbits that will have them fascinated by all the city has to offer. I may sneak this next to my bedside table to read the bits of interesting trivia these two local authors have stuffed into this book.

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