August is a bit of a weird jewelry-buying time. I want things that will feel all light and happy with my sleeveless dresses, but I’ve also got an eye towards fall. Which his why these affordable skinny bangles are the perfect thing to take me from one season to the next.

voz clothing and art bangles

The Adele Skinny Bangles by Voz Clothing and Art are stained walnut, which means they’re not as summer-like as say, embroidery or light beading; but they’re hand-painted with colors that can suit any season. I happen to love this combo of black, peach and gold, but the Karen O set (named for the singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) in neon yellow, black and bright blue are amazing for the hint of neon that everyone is going to want this fall. 

Skinny bangle bracelets from Voz Clothing and Art                    
                         Big wooden bangle from Voz Clothing and Art 

The fat geometric bangles are pretty cool too, if you prefer to be less jangly. (Or whatever you call jangly when it’s wood that’s jangling.) I have a set of the skinny ones and they do wear a bit, but a little distress really only adds to the charm and the hand-painted feel. 

Each set is just made to order, so you need to give them a couple of weeks to ship to you from SoCal. But considering the whole set is just $30 I think that’s perfectly reasonable. –Liz

Find handmade to order painted wooden bangles online at Etsy’s Voz Clothing and Art.