The Busy Mom's Cookbook by Antonia LofasoAntonia Lofaso was absolutely captivating on Top Chef. I loved watching her seamlessly perfect results every single episode, and I appreciated her passion for being both a full time chef and full time mother. And now she’s offering wisdom to parents who want haute, mostly Italian-inspired cuisine in minutes, sans microwave, with her new cookbook.

The 100 recipes in The Busy Mom’s Cookbook
appease both your own sophisticated palate and your carb-loading,
goldfish-loving toddler’s. Madras curry chicken, anyone? The recipes are
really easy to follow, and I like that the total cooking time and
serving size is found at the top of each page.

I’ve only got one pet peeve, and it’s a stylistic one:
cookbooks are like food porn. When I see a beautifully constructed dish
presented in all of its glory, I am inspired to put in a little bit of
extra time and effort. There are only a handful of pictures here, and
they are included as inserts, requiring you to flip back to the recipe
to see what it would look like. Her publisher would have been wise to
pony up a bit more for some photography.

In any case, I’m excited to bring Antonia Lofaso home. I wish Antonia she could actually come to my house to
make dinner (Antonia, if you’re reading this, we both live in LA!); but since that doesn’t look like it’s happening in the near
future, this cookbook is a great substitute.

If even an iota of her cooking prowess
wears off, I’ll be golden. –Eva

The Busy Mom’s Cookbook by Antonia Lofaso is available at your local independent bookseller and at our affiliate, Amazon.