Rablabs solid rock rings
I admit it. Finding unique accessories that stand out from what I see on the wrists and fingers of the other women in my neighborhood gives me a little caffeine shot of joy. I love it when someone asks, “Where did you get that?” 

Sometimes I want to keep my fun finds all to myself. But here’s a shop I’ll share with you, because these rings just plain rock. (Not to mention they are handcrafted from rock–how nifty is that?)

creates lovely, shimmery, hand-crafted rings from solid pieces of
natural agate druze. They’re just the right balance of glitzy and natural.

I love jewelry that can do double duty. The ONDO rings are gorgeously versatile. They’re perfect for a fancy night out on the town or with a cute-but-comfy ensemble for a laid-back Sunday brunch.

Natural solid agate ONDO rings from Rablabs

Each agate druze ring is unique, with hues ranging from clear golden yellow to lush purple. They all sparkle and shimmer beautifully in any light source, so don’t be surprised to find yourself pausing to admire your finger bling throughout the day. -Kirsten

Shop the ONDO agate rings at Rablabs.


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