Kids' chopstick holdersGoing out for Chinese food was a regular event during my childhood, and we kids always loved it. Chinese restaurants are the great crowd-pleasers of the culinary world, kid-friendly environments where veggies are magically hidden in almost every dish. 

However one frustration I clearly recall from our excursions was not sharing my parents’ masterful skills using chopsticks. For little fingers, it’s awfully hard to get a good grip with two skinny sticks, let alone scoop up a pile of slippery lo mein. Luckily, we’ve found an answer to help simplify things.

These Safari Stix chopsticks holders from the family-centric cooking shop Cook in Color are bound to make your next Asian culinary adventure even more fun. Just pop your sticks in the rubber holders and they’ll do the hard work of keeping them in place so your kids can concentrate on trying to pick up that one stubborn grain of rice. Plus: they are pretty darn cute. Pick either a pink giraffe or a yellow elephant. At $3.49 a piece, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep some at home, too, to make take-out nights more entertaining as well.  
-Stephanie M

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