I’m a big fan of superheroes, and therefore, cool superhero invitations. I’m pretty sure your kids are too.

I love seeing my kids practice being good people while pretending to be courageous, powerful and strong. I mean, sure, sometimes they also pretend that they can fly from the couch to the side chairs (“nooooooo!”) but as long as the kids don’t try to defy gravity, superhero play is A-OK at our house. 

Personalized superhero party invitations | Leslie Zander Design

Know what else I’m a fan of? The pop graphics that superheroes like to wrap themselves in. The bright colors, bold words and multiple exclamation marks are full of energy and fun, making superheroes pretty much the perfect theme for any birthday party. Take a look at these cool custom superhero party invites: they promise a party where you’ll get to POW! and ZAP! and KAPLOW!, which is exactly what little superheroes do best. –Roxanna

Equally cool for girls and boys — this personalized card (above) by Leslie Zander Designs is full of WOW!

Superhero party invitations | Vintage Sweet
This customizable Vintage Sweet superhero card has
the retro feel of a comic book but is clean and crisp and modern. Let
your guests’ imaginations soar as they create their own superhero getups
for the party.
Superhero personalized logo invite | whatthehootdesigns
kid’s a superhero and deserves their personalized superhero logo —
this card’s sophisticated and playful graphics steal the show. Find them
at whatthehootdesigns on Etsy.
Spiderman party invitation | Pinkadot shop
It can get pretty boring when your child is obsessed with one particular superhero and no one else will do. This Spiderman party invitation at Pinkadot Shop will satisfy your child’s need for authenticity and your love of good design. Everyone’s happy. At least the good guys are.