Cool kids' accessories | Planet Awesome KidWhen I saw this adorable little outfit on Planet Awesome Kid, I knew I had to track down the hat immediately. It brought me to the most wonderful Australian webshop filled with so many amazing kids’ accessories.

Including possibly the  most awesome kids’ boots I’ve ever seen.

Australia is always rife with great kids clothes,
and because the dollar and the AUD are pretty darn close right now, it can be a decent deal to shop from there.
Especially if you’re getting
something really special that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Milk N Soda is a fun source for cool accessories for kids that I just haven’t seen round these parts. From the checked driving cap shown here and a fun argyle scarf to the amazing boots styled like old boxing shoes which…well, wow.

I even love their collection of hair elastics for girls. The hair ties below look like gummy bunnies (or that’s how they look to me).

Checked kids' cap | Milk N Soda

                   Kids' boxing boots | Milk N Soda

Kids' argyle scarf | Milk N Soda            


                                                  Kids' panda socks | Milk N Soda                 
Girls' hair elastics | Milk N Soda

There’s also a very cute selection of socks including these cute panda socks for kids 6+ that I know my 5 year old would wear even if they were hanging half out of her shoes.

There isn’t a ton of info about the products on the site itself so
definitely contact them if you want more info. While you’re there,
they’ll let you know what your order will cost to ship stateside*. If you
live in Australia, you’re in luck – it’s a flat rate for all orders and
free if you spend $100. Which I could do like that. –Liz

Find fun accessories for boys and girls online at Milk N Soda.

*UPDATE: You’re in luck Americanos: You can also find many of the items exclusively in US Shop Little Z Kids or she’s happy to take a special order.