Even though my fellow Cool Mom Picks Editors have tried and loved the eco-friendly Honest products, I’d yet to give them a whirl myself. So recently, I had the chance to test out a couple of their newest natural cleaning products for home use, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. And not just because I think co-founder Jessica Alba and I should be BFFs.

Honest Oxy Boost 
Around my place, we just live with clothes with stains because I’ve yet to find a bleach stain and odor remover that isn’t loaded with toxins. I live in sensitive skin central, so I’m not willing to take the risk. Well, that’s all changed since I tried the biodegradable Honest Oxy Boost, which come in handy pods that you can just toss in the washer with your regular laundry or before you run it to treat stains. We’ve been using them to de-stink our son’s Keens which are notoriously tough to freshen up.

The cool part is that you can use them elsewhere as well, in your kitchen trash to avoid the chemical-ized but good smelling trash bags, as a carpet cleaning alternative, even a kitchen sink deodorizer. And no chlorine, dyes, fragrances or phosphates whatsoever.

Honest Co. Dishwasher Pods

Honest Dishwasher Pods
I’m pretty skeptical of natural dishwasher soaps because I’ve yet to find one that gets my dishes as clean as I’d like them. But that’s not the case with these new dishwasher pods–which I’ve decided I’m never living without.

The plant and mineral-based formula means no icky stuff all over your dishes, and the pre-measured pods makes life much easier, though I’m always careful to seal the bag tightly and hide them in the back of our cabinet for safety.

I did notice that you do really need to make sure your hands are dry when you reach in to get one (as the bag warns) because any moisture will make them stick to each other. But it’s not that hard to remember to wipe your hands before getting a pod out.

Of course, you can purchase each of these products individually, but a great way to save money is to order them in bulk. Or better, you can order an Honest subscription so that you never run out. For me, it’s worth never having to do a last minute grocery store run with four kids in tow to buy dishwasher detergent. -Kristen

You can purchase the new Honest Oxy Boost and Honest Dishwasher Pods in their online store. And don’t miss their other good-for-the-earth cleaning products from Honest Laundry Detergent to Honest Dryer Cloths.