Pirate and Princess Baby Rattles
Arrr! What could be cuter than a tiny pirate rattle? Why, a tiny baby holding on to a tiny pirate rattle, of course.

September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. But just because you’re too little to talk, doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

For every baby who ever dreamed of being a boatswain and swabbing the decks, this adorable tiny pirate rattle is a perfect introduction to life on the high seas.

From the scruffy beard to the embroidered belt buckle, this
freebooter might just be the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen. And, shiver
me timbers, there’s even a little beauty for the princess lubbers, too.

The fact that they’re made from 100% cotton is just the icing on
the hardtack. Because when a rattle inevitably walks the plank into a
wet and drooly mouth, no one wants to have to worry about baby ingesting
anything icky. – Stephanie S.

You can purchase a pirate rattle of your very own (and about a million other cute baby toys, too!) at The Baby Gardner.

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